Women’s Empowerment Photographer in Austin, Texas

Why I am A Women’s Empowerment Photographer

As women, we’re usually taking care of someone else, and with that comes a title. We’re mom, daughter, wife, or significant other.  Oftentimes, we lose ourselves in those pronouns.  When do we get to be ourselves?  When do we get to celebrate our dreams, feelings, and beauty?  

In January 2020, I found myself in this exact space.  My husband suffered a major stroke, and I was thrust into the roles of nurse, caregiver, secretary, and business manager.   Where did I go?  Who was I beyond these new titles? Added to the stress of working full-time and being a full-time caregiver, I truly lost Tina.  I could not be the only woman who found herself in this position.  So, how do we find ourselves again? How do we move beyond those pronouns? How do we celebrate your resiliency?

For me, it’s through self-portraits.   Deciding on an outfit, picking a theme, and choosing the lighting.  Music was always part of the session – before and during.  It sets the mood and elicits the emotion that I wanted to express.  If I could do this for myself, I knew that I could do it for other women.  

So, how does the process begin?  First, I get to know you.  You complete a questionnaire that provides insight into who you are.   There are questions about your style, makeup choices, and your favorite music.  We then meet via Zoom meeting, or in person, observing COVID protocols. I get to know you a little better, and you have the chance to ask me questions.  From there, we plan your session. We discuss wardrobe, music, location, and makeup.   We decide upon a session date, and then we play. We listen to music, talk, and I capture you.  It’s that simple. During our time together, it’s all about you and not the roles you occupy.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?  

This is what happens in all my sessions. Trust my process, and I guarantee that you’ll have a blast.

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“A girl should be two things: Who and what she wants” – Coco Chanel

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Tina Strickland is a portrait photographer based in the Round Rock, TX area who believes that women must be celebrated in portraits.

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