During the summer of 2020, I asked my daughter, Introvert Stylist, if she would make a kimono for me.  I could not find anything online that appealed to me, and  I wanted something unique.  She provided me with several fabric companies to search for fabric, and told me the best fabric to purchase.  I located a design that wasn’t […]


Special Delivery

Over the last month, I scheduled three separate Time for Print Sessions.  The last one that I did was with a model/photographer name Dominique.  She responded to my Time for Print post.  Actually, I received several responses to my post, and it was difficult to choose a model.  I selected Dominique because I liked her look.  We scheduled our session […]


I Love Personal Projects

Last week, one of my favorite models, Diêlha, posted that she was looking for a photographer for a Time for Print Session.  A couple of photographers posted their links to her post volunteering their services.  I wanted to get someone in front of my camera again so I responded to her post that I would love to […]


Birthday Photo Shoot at Brushy Creek Lake Park

When photographers become the model, magic happens.


Queen Sugar Afternoon

in this blog post, I’m sharing my feedback on Day 2 of Click Away 2020.


Click Away Day Two – Mecca Gamble and Audrey Woulard

Details on my first photo session of 2020


First Shoot of 2020

For me, getting to know other creatives is important.  Being around people who think the way that I do aids in my creative process.  As a creative, it helps to surround yourself with those who think the way that you do.  I had my circle in Phoenix, and I’m developing my circle here in Austin. When I put […]


Jasmine -Spanish Harlem

Empty Rooms   Last month was one for changes.  Last year, my husband and I decided that we were finally ready to leave Arizona. We were ready for a change.  When we first moved there in 2004/2005, I told my husband that I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my life in Arizona.   I knew that I wanted […]


Empty Rooms

A couple of months ago, a photographer in one of my Facebook groups put out feelers for women who would be interested in a traveling dress project.  The concept for this is one dress in multiple different photo sessions.  Each photographer would have the dress for a designated period of time, complete a photo shoot, and then […]


June Project – Traveling Dress

It is so important to have a professional headshot in today’s world. The new business card is your social media profile whether it’s Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook. A selfie doesn’t carry the same impact as a professional headshot. When Adrienne asked if I shot headshots, I told her absolutely! We’re part of the same social […]


Adrienne – Headshots

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Tina Strickland is a portrait photographer based in the Round Rock, TX area who believes that women must be celebrated in portraits.

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