Learning Chanel French’s process when shooting self-portraits

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Self Portraits by the Master – Chanel French

Facebook has its pluses and minuses.  It can be used to re-establish old friendships, foster new ones, and keep in touch with family.  In this case, it was re-establishing a friendship from high school.  Kim and I were both cheerleaders.  She was on varsity, and I was on junior varsity.   It was our junior year of high school.  We didn’t really […]

Personal Projects, Portraits, Themed Photo Shoot

Photographing Friends

I had an opportunity to work with Diêlha again.  She was one of the models who participated in my Spanish Harlem project, and she asked me to photograph her vintage photo shoot.  A couple of weeks ago, she posted in the Facebook group that we’re members of that she was looking for a photographer to photograph her […]

Models, Personal Projects, Portraits, Women Photographers

Always Have a Back-Up

Photographing men is SO very different than photographing women.  The posing is different, and it’s something that I am still learning.  When I put out a call for a model shoot, Makaile responded.  I told him that we could schedule a date, but he had to be patient with me.  He agreed, and we made plans to shoot at […]

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Photographing Men

It’s always interesting to photograph someone for the first time.  You wonder if you the two of you will connect, and create images that you both want to share.   I use this energy to fuel myself during a photo session, and it never fails me. Two weeks ago, I put out a model call for a casual […]

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Casual Photo Shoot – Sophia T

 It’s been a month since we made the move from Arizona to Texas.  A month of learning our new town, and trying to acclimate to the humidity. After living in the desert for 14 years, this is an adjustment that’s been quite challenging.  I’ve decided to take the summer off so that I can get acclimated to […]


Engagement Session – A Strange Love

A couple of months ago, a photographer in one of my Facebook groups put out feelers for women who would be interested in a traveling dress project.  The concept for this is one dress in multiple different photo sessions.  Each photographer would have the dress for a designated period of time, complete a photo shoot, and then […]


June Project – Traveling Dress

It is so important to have a professional headshot in today’s world. The new business card is your social media profile whether it’s Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook. A selfie doesn’t carry the same impact as a professional headshot. When Adrienne asked if I shot headshots, I told her absolutely! We’re part of the same social […]


Adrienne – Headshots

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Tina Strickland is a portrait photographer based in the Round Rock, TX area who believes that women must be celebrated in portraits.

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