All women should be captured in portraits. They must be honor their journeys, and stop the narrative of self-neglect.

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Embrace Your Unique Beauty: A Journey Through Body-Positive Portrait Photography

Portrait of a beautiful curvy model

Let’s talk about the power of photography in helping women find their voice and express their individuality.  In today’s world, it’s so important for us to celebrate ourselves and our unique journeys.  This is my “why” when it comes to creating art-inspired portraits for women like you who understand that self-expression is not a luxury, […]

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Finding Your Voice. A photographic journey in self-expression.

Your identity is more than your name. You are meant to be celebrated for who you are.

Black Women Photographers, Photography Business, Portraits, Women Photographers

More than a Name

Your life is truly a journey worth celebrating. As a women’s portrait photographer, my goal is to capture the essence of who you are in this moment, and create art-inspired portraits that reflect your unique story. I believe that embracing your life’s journey is a necessity – not a luxury. It’s about acknowledging the resilience […]

Black Women Photographers, Portraits, Women Photographers

Embracing Your Journey

Holiday Mini Sessions I wasn’t 100% sure that I would offer Holiday Mini Sessions for 2023.  I’ve been in rebuilding mode all year.  I joined Dr. Tomayia C. Colvin’s Ignite Program to build my business the correct way.  For too long, like many business owners, I had been winging.  Watching YouTube videos, reading articles, and […]

Black Women Photographers, Holiday Mini Sessions, Photography Business, Portraits, Women Photographers

Holiday 2023 Mini Sessions

Image of Tina Strickland, Black Female Woman's Portrait Photographer based in Cedar Park, TX

behind the scenes, I’ve been facing a struggle that’s tested me in ways I never imagined – my husband’s declinin

Black Women Photographers, Photography Business, Portraits, Portraits of Women, Reflections, Self Care, Self-portraits

Guess You Wonder Where I’ve Been

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Tina Strickland is a portrait photographer based in the Round Rock, TX area who believes that women must be celebrated in portraits.

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