behind the scenes, I’ve been facing a struggle that’s tested me in ways I never imagined – my husband’s declinin

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Guess You Wonder Where I’ve Been

Image of Tina Strickland, Black Female Woman's Portrait Photographer based in Cedar Park, TX

I really don’t listen to pop music.  Primarily, I listen to Christian music, but of late, my Spotify channel consists of the music from my youth.  I could not tell you who the most popular artists are, or what songs that they sing. However, I am familiar with the song “Easy on Me” by Adele.  I didn’t know […]

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Easy On Me

The month of September was a busy one for me with regards to personal projects.  I arranged the photo shoot for the National Black Female Photographers’ Day, and I scheduled a personal shoot using a dress that I rented from “Home Gown Rentals” here in Austin.   When I saw the dress on Home Gown Rentals Instagram, […]

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Fairy Tales Do Come True

Every year on the second Saturday in September, Black Woman Photographers all over the world meet for photo walks or photo sessions.  This year, I was honored to serve as the host for the Austin, TX photo walk.  Since I’m still not familiar with the Austin area, I arranged for three models to sit for us to […]

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National Black Female Photographers’ Day

In May, the business “Selfie World” opened in Round Rock, Texas. It’s a business with at least 10 different scenes where you can take selfies, or hold photography sessions, and they’re popping up all over the US.  Bloggers like it because it they’re provided with several different scenses to create content for their social media platforms.  For photographers, it’s […]

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Selfie World in Austin, Texas

When I became serious about photography, I would shoot everything.  Like many, I was excited about photography, and wanted to document everything.  At that time, I wanted to get better, so I decided to do two things.  The first was to take a photography class, and the second was to begin a 365 project.   The 365-project involved taking a […]

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The Importance of Personal Projects

This blog posts discusses how I used a reflector to light my subject.

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Working with Reflectors

Sometimes you have to pivot your plans. That’s what happened with this rainy day photo shoot.

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A Rainy Day Shoot

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Tina Strickland is a portrait photographer based in the Round Rock, TX area who believes that women must be celebrated in portraits.

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