Let’s talk about the power of photography in helping women find their voice and express their individuality.  In today’s world, it’s so important for us to celebrate ourselves and our unique journeys.  This is my “why” when it comes to creating art-inspired portraits for women like you who understand that self-expression is not a luxury, […]

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Finding Your Voice. A photographic journey in self-expression.

Your identity is more than your name. You are meant to be celebrated for who you are.

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More than a Name

I am always pushing myself to learn a new photography skill.   Precision Camera here in Austin offers several classes a month on lighting, posing, editing, and working with drones.   In December, I registered for a Fashion Editorial class taught by Todd White, a fashion photographer based in the Austin area.   The class was on South Congress and was two […]

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Lighting Class with Todd White

There’s no greater compliment than when someone tells you that they’ve wanted to work with you since your first meeting.  This is what Aria V told me the day of our session.  We met March 2020 during a photo walk that Aria arranged.  We also belong to a Facebook Group for women photographers here in Austin.  Aria mentioned in passing that […]

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Celtic Studios Photo Shoot

The beginning of 2021 was hectic!  We came to the realization late in 2020 that my mother-in-law would need to live with us on a permanent basis.  The reality was hard to take.  Creatively, I wasn’t photographing anyone outside of myself, my mother-in-law, products, or food.  I needed to create an image that could be included at my exhibit […]

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Pushing My Limits

On the last Saturday in September, I had a photo shoot in Downtown Round Rock, Texas.  The session was scheduled earlier in the week because I needed to shoot.  I have a session scheduled for October, but I needed to get behind the lens before that date.  I had a t-shirt that I purchased from Banana Republic which […]

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Slay All Day in Round Rock

Why not celebrate your birthday with a self-portrait session? Dress up, and document your life.

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Birthday Self-Portraits

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Tina Strickland is a portrait photographer based in the Round Rock, TX area who believes that women must be celebrated in portraits.

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