In July, I was able to return home to Chicago.  It wasn’t to see family or friends (but I did manage to have dinner with a few girlfriends).  I traveled to the City of Big Shoulders to attend Clickaway.  The tag line for Clickaway is “a photography experience that changes everything”, and it lives up […]

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Clickaway 2022 – A Visit Home

I really don’t listen to pop music.  Primarily, I listen to Christian music, but of late, my Spotify channel consists of the music from my youth.  I could not tell you who the most popular artists are, or what songs that they sing. However, I am familiar with the song “Easy on Me” by Adele.  I didn’t know […]

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Easy On Me

Self-portraits help you to express yourself, feelings, and moods. They can be simple or complex.

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Finding My Voice

Fall has arrived in Central Texas.  The mornings are cooler, and there’s less humidity.  The time for sweaters and boots is fast approaching, and I am here for it.  Experiencing some semblance of fall weather is one of the things that I enjoy about living in here.  I’ve been able to wear sweaters and boots longer.  However, with COVID-19 still […]

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Chanel in the Park

Last weekend, I created some of my favorite images of 2020!   Since my Concrete Valkyrie session was successful, and a number of models wanted to be part of it, I decided to do another session.  I wanted it to be different from the concrete session, and knew that the session would be held in a park.  I scouted […]

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Forest Valkyrie

On August 28, 2020, we lost Chadwick Boseman, Prince T’Challa, from colon cancer.  He was 42 years of old.  Chadwick was diagnosed with Stage 3 in 2016.  What’s amazing and inspiring is that over the last 4 years, this man created memorable movies including his role as the Black Panther.  While he fought his battle, we enjoyed his roles.  This […]

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Do It Scared

Last month, I put out a model call.  I had just switched to Sony, and I was anxious to get someone in front of my camera.  In all transparency, I did purchase a Sony A7ii last year, but I convinced myself that I didn’t like it.  The truth of the matter was that I had invested a great […]

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Summer Time Session

Why not celebrate your birthday with a self-portrait session? Dress up, and document your life.

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Birthday Self-Portraits

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Tina Strickland is a portrait photographer based in the Round Rock, TX area who believes that women must be celebrated in portraits.

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